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Transmission line Characteristics 

Space and Polarization Diversity Antenna Performance Tests

A Study of Antenna Height vs. Antenna Down Tilt on Received Signal Strength

FCC OET Bulletin 65 Governing MPE of Communication Sources

FCC PCS Band Assignment for Service Providers

FCC 800 MHz Band Assignments for Service Providers

FCC Band Plan for SMR/Public Safety Frequency Assignments

FCC Band Plan for 700 MHz Frequency Assignments

FCC Non-Contiguous 929 MHZ - 932 MHZ Paging Channel Assignments

United States Frequency Band Allocations 300 KHz-300 GHz

Reference Work by Roger Skid more Propagation Modeling for In-Building Coverage

Reference Work Comparing Two-Antenna Spatial Diversity with Vs Single Antenna Polarization Diversity



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