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RF Engineering Consulting provides highly specialized services to the service providers and to network construction companies and integrators serving the Cellular and Public Safety communication markets. These services include:

  • Developing in-building coverage solutions to enable cellular operators, and enterprise clients to extend the feature-rich network service platforms into the workplace.

  • New laws now govern the minimum in-building coverage level that is necessary to support reliable communications for emergency first responders.  If the current coverage level is below the established minimum, an in-building coverage solution is required.

  • Performing RF Site audits that address important service-affecting issues both inside and outside the site.
  • MCPA or network deployment enhancements potentially driving antenna system modification to reduce antenna count. 

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To provide the highest quality RF Engineering services offering more than 30 years experience with communication system design and implementation covering 25MHz to 30GHz with a major emphasis  in the 400MHz to 2.5GHz band.


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