In-building Wireless Solution Enhancements  This is one of the most rapidly emerging needs facing all service providers. At a minimum, in-building coverage solutions, must function as an extension of the macro network available to the subscriber base. It should allow subscribers to take advantage of the full service offerings in the workplace which are provided by the system operator's service platform. Since most subscribers spend more of their potential usage time each day at the workplace than anywhere else, the workplace has become a high stakes microcosm within the macro network that must be addressed appropriately to maximize MOU and minimize churn. In addressing this need while minimizing CAPEX, the service provider requires a turnkey solution provider who has successfully demonstrated the ability to deliver these solutions from as small as 50,000 sq.ft. to over 1M sg.ft. This is a core service of RF Engineering Consulting.

RF Site Audits  As more consolidation continues to combine existing cell site infrastructure, and with new service platforms such as 1xEVDO, requiring a new RF overlay of the existing network, a corresponding addition of new antennas and perhaps transmission line for each serving site is required. Quality assurance processes dictate that someone other than the contractor who provided the installation must inspect and ensure the quality of this work.  This inspection should include a physical inspection of the installation (usually by the service provider's staff), but it is necessary that a qualified independent specialist ensure the RF integrity of the installation. RF Engineering Consulting will provide either a physical and RF analysis of this work or the RF analysis alone to identify issues that potentially affect performance. Please click the RF Site Audits button for a more complete service description.

Capacity or Network Expansion Requiring no additional Antenna Requirements  When faced with network expansion/consolidation, one of the challenges facing service providers is the requirement for additional antennas at each site. Often times, this is not possible due to zoning, tower loading, or overall cost if leasing space.  With zoning impact issues, there is no assurance the operator will be allowed to add the required antennas. This can cause extremely expensive delays or even a halt to network expansion unless some means of antenna reconfiguring can be developed to eliminate the need for additional antennas.  RF Engineering Consulting has afforded operators immeasurable savings in deployment cost and enabled them to avoid long, expensive delays while seeking traditional and sometimes unattainable solutions. Please click the Antenna Reduction button to the left for a more complete description and real world solutions.